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Dan Kegley - Area Director for Section 6 AREA B

Area 6B contacts

Area Contact page updated 1 May 2021

Spring 2021 Coach contact info
coach contacts
Town Division Name Name Volunteer Email Address Volunteer Cell Phone
Osceola 6OS Nathan Anderson [email protected] 262-716-9147
Osceola 6OS Paul Dodge [email protected] 651-447-3751
Osceola 6OS Nick Hemer [email protected] 715-417-2541
Osceola 8OS Johnathan Archibald [email protected] 651-303-0032
Osceola 8OS ANDREW COPPERNOLL [email protected] 651-755-3078
Osceola 10OS1 Nathan Anderson [email protected] 262-716-9147
Osceola 10OS2 Nick Hemer [email protected] 715-417-2541
Osceola 12OS Kimberly Donaldson [email protected] 810-588-2545
Osceola 12OS James Nalen [email protected] 703-401-1570
Osceola 12OS Eric Seelnacht [email protected] 715-651-9053
Osceola 12OS Scott Williamson [email protected] 715-417-1621
Osceola 14OS Johnathan Archibald [email protected] 651-303-0032
Osceola 14OS Nicholas Juneski [email protected] 715-417-1974
Osceola 14OS Nicholas Juneski [email protected] 715-417-1974
Amery 12AM1 Will Danielson [email protected] 701-371-2774
Amery 12AM1 Chelsea Whitley [email protected] 715-554-1089
Amery 12AM2 Matt Krtzhals [email protected] 715-553-1316
Amery 12AM2 Terri Mattmiller [email protected] 7152632618
Amery 12AM3 Adam Swanpoel [email protected] 715-505-4369
Amery 12AM3 Juli Montgomery-Riess [email protected] 6513281985
Amery 12AM3 Michael Rabe [email protected] 7153120049
Amery 14AM Nadezhda Brinker [email protected] 7152633569
Amery 14AM Brian Brynes [email protected] 715-497-0013
Amery 14AM Christen Sorensen [email protected] 612-501-8281
Amery 18AM Justin Zacharias [email protected] 715-607-0522
Amery 18AM Jerome Hoyt [email protected]> 715-554-2763
St. Croix Falls 6U 1 Ryan Hanson [email protected] 715-553-0748
St. Croix Falls 6U 2 Rachel Anderson [email protected] 651-343-3507
St. Croix Falls 6U 3 Rachel Stack [email protected] 651-999-9330
St. Croix Falls 6U 3 Anna Ball [email protected] 912-257-5314
St. Croix Falls 6U 4 Brett Lossing [email protected] 651-492-1633
St. Croix Falls 8U 1 Reina Cox [email protected] 715-553-8658
St. Croix Falls 8U 1 Jaime Weness [email protected] 715-529-0734
St. Croix Falls 8U 2 Dan Kne [email protected] 612-810-3275
St. Croix Falls 8U 2 Andrew Kne [email protected] 715-475-8075
St. Croix Falls 8U 3 Pete Rimmereid [email protected] 715-553-1027
St. Croix Falls 8U 3 Addie rust [email protected] 612-839-3449
St. Croix Falls 8U 4 Adrian Meador [email protected] 612-919-6420
St. Croix Falls 8U 5 Brittaney Mccann [email protected] 715-338-6313
St. Croix Falls 8U 5 Jesse Cunningham [email protected] 651-307-1786
St. Croix Falls 10U 1 Stephanie Douglas [email protected] 715-501-0727
St. Croix Falls 10U 2 Tom Hernandez [email protected] 651-746-4421
St. Croix Falls 10U 2 Tiffany Christensen [email protected] 715-501-8294
St. Croix Falls 10U 3 Adan [email protected] 651-260-8683
St. Croix Falls 10U 3 Megan Francis [email protected] 612-450-6453
St. Croix Falls 10U 4 Melissa Bockman [email protected] 651-983-8758
St. Croix Falls 10U 4 Erin Mcdonough [email protected] 507-210-9622
St. Croix Falls 12U 1 Mike Braund [email protected] 715-715-1723
St. Croix Falls 12U 2 Sheena Malm [email protected] 715-828-0050
St. Croix Falls 12U 2 Pete Arneson [email protected] 952-237-7307
St. Croix Falls 12U 3 Matt Dyzak [email protected] 715-554-1609
St. Croix Falls 12U 3 Steve Stenberg [email protected] 651-261-9188
St. Croix Falls 14U 1 Shane Jones [email protected] 715-220-2750
St. Croix Falls 14U 1 Lindsay Nichols [email protected] 203-998-6624
St. Croix Falls 19U 1 Kurt Dreger [email protected] 715-557-1051
St. Croix Falls 19U 1 Melissa Bockman [email protected] 651-983-8758
Baldwin / Woodville All U10 Coaches Email [email protected]
Baldwin / Woodville 10BW1 Black David George [email protected] (715)243-4250
Baldwin / Woodville 10BW2 Red Emily Rohde [email protected] (715)379-4411
Baldwin / Woodville 10BW2 Red Peter Heebink [email protected] (715)977-0187
Baldwin / Woodville 10BW3 White Tracy Patterson [email protected] (715)808-3773
Baldwin / Woodville 10BW4 Gold Curtis Sobottka [email protected] (612)357-3808
Baldwin / Woodville 10BW4 Gold Janie Dubois [email protected] (612)290-3880
Baldwin / Woodville All U12 Coaches Email [email protected]
Baldwin / Woodville 12BW2 Black Nick Hite [email protected] (651)262-8502
Baldwin / Woodville 12BW3 Red Emmanuel Mbanali [email protected] (715)279-2312
Baldwin / Woodville 12BW3 Red Christina Davis [email protected] (651)239-8877
Baldwin / Woodville 12BW1 White Derrick Melland [email protected] (715)441-8222
Baldwin / Woodville 12BW1 White Rhiannon Wichman [email protected] (651)307-7379
Baldwin / Woodville All U14 Coaches Email [email protected]
Baldwin / Woodville 14BW1 Black Tony Mueller [email protected] (715)690-9720
Baldwin / Woodville 14BW1 Black Jason Rohde [email protected] (715)379-4411
Baldwin / Woodville 14BW3 Red David Tumax [email protected] (715)684-9799
Baldwin / Woodville 14BW2 White Bob Hietala [email protected] (920)889-0022

Town Contacts:

AYSO Section 6 Director - Brian Mohling - [email protected] 319 377 7278

AYSO Area 6B Director Dan Kegley - [email protected] 715 220 0743
AYSO Area 6B Referee Administrator & Instructor Chris Van deligt - [email protected] 763 370 2673
AYSO Area 6B Treasurer open - [email protected]
AYSO Area 6B Coach Administrator open
AYSO Area 6B Coach instructor(s) open
AYSO Area 6B board member at large Dawn Kegley

AYSO regions

Towns serviced AYSO Region # RC or POC phone email
brynn lottig
  [email protected]
EAU CLAIRE 803 Ashley LaRose 715-579-3651 [email protected]
BLACK RIVER FALLS 913 Rosa Blackdeer 210 296 6723 [email protected]
OSCEOLA 1005 Nick Hemer 715 417 2541 [email protected]
BESSEMER, HURLEY - WI, IRONWOOD-MI, WAKEFIELD-MI 1056 Joe Metzger 906-285-0983 [email protected]
AMERY, CLEAR LAKE, CLAYTON, TURTLE LAKE, DEER PARK 1236 Amy Colegrove 715 441 0912 [email protected]
GRANTSBURG, SIREN, WEBSTER 1273 Debra Pavlicek  715-791-0398 [email protected]
MAPLE, POPLAR, SOLON SPRINGS, SUPERIOR P1329 Alex Davis 218-590-5593 [email protected]
FREDERIC, LUCK 1367 Nick Lundquist 715 497 9825 [email protected]
St. Croix Falls,WI 1437 Jessica Hagen 651 757 0434 [email protected]
PINE CITY 1469 Heather Wroolie 763 227 4294 [email protected]
"Unity" BALSAM LAKE P1556     [email protected]
Other soccer clubs
New Richmond WYSA Darian Blattner 715-222-2087 [email protected]
Barron WYSA .Lyndsey Kurtz 715 205 0138 [email protected]
Cumberland WYSA Staci Lundmark 715 491 1410 [email protected]
Baldwin/Woodville WYSA Derreck Melland  
(715) 441-8222   [email protected]
Hayward United WYSA Jean Paul Dujardin 715 634 3252 [email protected]
SPOONER WYSA Kathryn Hoellen 773-203-5672 [email protected]
Team Abbreviations are:
AM=Amery; CY=Clayton; BA=Barron; BRF=Black River Falls; BW=Baldwin Woodville; CU=Cumberland;
EC=Eau Claire; FL=Frederic Luck; FLU=Frederic Luck Unity; GB=Grantsburg; HY=Hayward; NR=New Richmond;
OSC=Osceola; PC=Pine City; RL=Rice Lake; SCF=Saint Croix Falls; SSL=Spooner, Shell Lake; SW=Siren Webster;
SWG=Siren Webster Grantsburg; UN=Balsam Lake "Unity"

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AYSO Section 6 Area B

Area Director Daniel Kegley, P.O. Box 365
Amery, Wisconsin 54001

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