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The Vision of the AYSO area 6B recreactional soccer league is to provide more soccer to our families.  Even though our kids are playing in other clubs, associations or organizations (for the most part) we are all members of the U.S. SOCCER ORGANIZATION that governs all of us in the way we play soccer here in the USA.  On 1 August 2017, the U.S. SOCCER ORGANIZATION issued Player Development Initiatives (PDI’s) to it's 60 youth member organizations, including US Club Soccer, US Youth Soccer, American Youth Soccer Organization and Soccer Association for Youth, which include birth year registration and small-sided game standards.  Click here to view the complete list of PDI's

Some basic rule of thumb info
1. when playing soccer in someone else's town, you need to follow their house rules.  For example, At AYSO towns they my do substitutions at the quarter, half and 3/4 quarter time intervals but WYSA towns do substitutions at "All goal kicks; own team’s throw-in; opposing team’s throw-in if the opposing team is also",  Their club members, coaches or Referees should help you understand their house rules.  If their are rules that hinder safety of the players then email me at [email protected] so I can get involved and help keep our kids safe.
2. If there is no Referee for the game then the coaches need to step up and be the adult and ref the game so the kids are having fun, playing fare and play safe.  This is just a game for the kids to kick the ball around and learn soccer skills, these games are not about racking up the points and winning at all cost.
3. Referees are hard to come by so roll with it, if there was a mistake or you don't agree that is ok but the Referee is the official on the field and what they say stands.  Every year we have youth referees leave the fields in tears and never come back because some adult parents put winning over playing a game or they were just mean and didn't care that they are emotionally hurting another child with what they say so be respectful of our referees.  WYSA has created the Zero Tolerance Policy in an effort to decrease the abuse of referees. The purpose of this policy is to make clear that verbal abuse or negative criticism of referees is as unacceptable as verbal abuse or negative criticism of players.  Email me at [email protected] with any issues involving referees so that I can communicate to the appropriate community members about it.
WYSA Zero Tolerance Policy
WYSA Recommendations and Guidelines for Sideline Behavior

4.  12 and down do not head the ball   it is more likely that a ball that is punted will come down on someones head then if they distribute the ball on the ground. Look at the field and make decisions that keep our kids safe.
5.  10u has a build out line to help goal keepers think about their next move without being pressured by the attacking team, this is a learning tool, use it.
6.  Have fun and enjoy the game, life is too short to not enjoy it.

In HIS service,
Dan Kegley
Area Director
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